Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Increasing equitable access to secondary education

Increasing equitable access to secondary education college which consists of high school graduates / SMK / MA / MAK or other equivalent form to this day is still a problem in our country. Many graduates of secondary education achievement and is a potential candidate can not continue to pursue higher education because they come from disadvantaged families.

Shutter mission Reaching the Breaking the Chains of Poverty asa

Bidikmisi Scholarship in Higher Education Dirjend information portal site  slogan viewfinder tetera mission asa Reaching the Breaking the Chains of Poverty, was the hope of the majority of students in grade XII 2010-2011 school year or students who have lulusUN in 2010 that an economically middle-class family from the bottom, but the ability and a huge desire to reach their future through higher education.

Financing college bidikmisi dijalur

Financing college dijalur bidikmisi still not well understood by most of the students, teachers and families of students. There's someone verbally informed about college financing at this point, and the information it makes nervous people who received when he wanted to enroll his brother who are economically disadvantaged. Information from UM students who enter through the viewfinder mission, that finance everything from college scholarships and for living expenses, boarding, books and others have a fee of Rp. 500,000.00 received from 12 until 18 in each month. The money was for everything except the cost of the semester, so students are required to be able to arrange themselves so that enough in a month. Provided tuition assistance from prospective students otherwise accepted in college for 8 (eight) semesters for Diploma programs IV and S1, and for 6 (six) semesters for Diploma III program. For courses that require professional or similar education, extension of funding sought by colleges organizers.


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