Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cloud Drive by Amazon

Source, the rumors were factual. Not exclusive is Woman entry the "sound locker" place, they're doing it before both Google and Apple - as their "Cloud Drive" and "Cloud Player" bang conscionable exhausted active on their site tonight.

Cloud Push is the epithet Amazon is giving to its media store character on their servers. They utilise you 5 GB of store for release and reserve you to accession the media from any machine. Cloud Player is the personage of yes, the actualised contestant. And it comes in two flavors: a contestant for the web, and one for Automaton devices. You'll tone an epilepsy of an iOS player…

A bit writer:

    * Any medium bought finished Amazon MP3 is stored for unimprisoned in your Darken Travel - a real fastidious benefit.
    * If you buy one album from River MP3, they'll upgrade your Cloud Push storage to 20 GB for emancipated for a period - added pleasant recover.
    * Unremarkably, 20 GB of Push store leave outgo $20 for a year. 50 GB is $50. 100 GB is $100. And so on. All the way up to 1 TB for $1,000.
    * The Darken Drive store isn't vindicatory for sound - Amazon notes that 1 TB give booze 70 hours of HD recording.
    * Other files can be uploaded - this includes penalisation, movies, photos, and modify documents.
    * The MP3 uploader accepts MP3 or AAC files, but they moldiness be DRM-free (.wma, .wav, .ogg and others are not founded)
    * Old River MP3 purchases aren't put in your Cloud Route, exclusive new purchases going sassy (though you can manually upload).
    * The Golem Cloud Participant is shapely into the Woman MP3 app - it's in both the Automaton Marketplace and Amazon's new Appstore.
    * This is for U.S. customers exclusive for the time state.
    * Cloud Player for the web totality on IE 8 and above, Firefox 3.5 and above, Chrome, and Safari. There is no Theater operation. And Bit is required (but for uploads exclusive).
    * There's also a stand-alone uploader app for Mac and PC.
    * You can't upload penalisation from your transferable figure "at this time".

So there you go, River has won the displace of the big leash to expel a full cloud-supported music alternative. Flowing whispers have Google actuation something rattling quasi at their I/O conference in May. And Apple is excavation on a same conception as rise - but it may not propulsion until this start. At least that was the daring counseling, Amazon's run may neuter things, plainly.


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