Monday, March 14, 2011

Flash 10.2 Crashing

If you've veteran a lot of crashes when trying to access pages with Radiate content recently, and you've been wondering why, acquire solacement in that fact that it's not specifically a Linux difficulty. Windows users somebody had the homophonic difficulty, and it's caused by the last writing of the Photoflash plugin. Fortunately, it's uncomplicated sufficiency to run around.

At abstraction of oeuvre, the Adobe installation is overfull of reports of the occurrence, and it seems to refer Windows and Unix versions of the plugin. The status is slightly vexation because umpteen of us received a pop-up timesaving helpful us to go to an updated writing of the plugin that has inverted out to be unsound.

The reports on the Adobe assembly present that we may be having a slightly easier experience of it, as typically, the player honourable pops up a communication indicating that has crashed. In such a case, a page load should be all that's needful to get things working again. Outdoors of Linux elevation, apparently, the imperfect plugin regularly brings downward the browser, and in both cases, the uncastrated tool. Occasionally, the Linux version can justification browser crashes but I wasn't healthy to site any reports of it transportation the livelong system dr.. It might seem astonishingly that a plain application plugin could effort group disequilibrium, but apparently, the the new variant addresses element speedup in a other way. There is ever leaving to be a danger of this category of artifact event when a performance directly interacts with a low story driver. There get been reports of the problem affecting both Nvidia and ATI chipset helmeted machines.

In my own experiments, I was healthy to stimulate the crashing doings by commencement sextuple tabs that contained expose communication. You could lessen the phenomenon by flying a twinkling blocking plugin specified as FlashBlock in combining with the the superior FlashVideoReplacer.

The simplest answer is belike to regress the okay to type 10.01 for now. If you installed it manually, you'll acquire to locate an older type of the commencement file. If not, you can ordinarily use your selection of container administrator to reverse to an originally version. In the pillowcase of Synaptic, the "Organization Version..." choice is in the "Package" endorse descending carte alternative.

Prosperous Flashing, folks.


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